Real Photo
(Glossy, Lustre, Metallic)



Photo paper comes in many varieties, but not all photo paper is
created equal.

First we have the bargain bulk prints available in grocery stores. We
know them as the Glossy prints.The cheapest prints cost 2 to 3 cents
vs brand names like Fuji and Kodak cost 10 cents. Fuji and Kodak
prints are real Silver Halide prints but remember they're not Fuji or
Kodak's high quality lines.

Then we have real archival grade Silver Halide prints known as the
Lustre prints and the Metallic prints. These are Fuji and Kodak's top
of the line prints. These are the only prints that professional
photographers and studios use. These are the same prints used for
all high end wedding albums. These cannot be found in grocery
stores or be printed from a home/office printer.

Lastly we have magazine paper. Magazine printing, also known as
press printing, is still the most common way to print photo books by
most vendors. Many of these vendors will tout thicker paper weights
or "8 color HD" printing but don't be fooled as these are just fancy
marketing terms that don't improve print quality.

The Bulk Discount Prints
The most common prints seen in grocery stores is Glossy.
You will also find Glossy is the main choice available
for home inkjet printing from office supply stores.
Glossy has Color, but no Texture.
Glossy paper is rich in color but textureless. Since the paper has no texture it lacks the
definitive look which most professional photographers desire. Lack of texture also
makes the paper very susceptible to fingerprints.
Lustre = Color + Texture
What if there was an option that had the best of both
worlds? What if there was a paper that had the rich
saturated colors of Glossy paper but also a nice subtle
texture? Fortunately there is such an option and it's called
Lustre. This paper is typically only available through
professional labs.
Shhh ... The Metallic
Metallic print is another sensational photo paper that is
not typically sold in stores. It's loved by professional
photographers for stunning art works. Metallic print
contains pearly mica crystals to create a metallic reflection
effects,giving your photos intense warmth and depth.
Magazine Paper ?!?!
Press paper, which is what's used in magazines is not real
photo paper. It does not use an exposure practice to
undergo development. Press paper is painted by inkjet by
printers using what's called a halftone method where
many small intricate dots form an image. The result is an
image with flat colors that looks grainy.
Lustre is for the Professionals
Lustre is the professional's choice due to its deep saturated
colors and subtle textured finish.The natural resistance to
finger prints is also perfectly suited for albums that will be
held by brides, parents, and children for generations to
And the Coating...
Lustre paper is pretty resilient by itself. This means it will
uphold against the wear and tear of children.However at
Zno we also coat our Lustre paper with an additional
coating on top of the standard Lustre paper. This makes
it resistant to unexpected spills and stains, and also
enhances the natural saturation further. Most labs charge
25% EXTRA for this coating but we offer it for FREE.
100 Years, Seriously
Lustre is archival grade paper and is designed to last
100 years. This means your memories will be shared
for generation to come. What's the point of taking a
photo and printing it if it will only fade away in a few
years? This is why professionals choose Lustre.
Matte Velvet Print
The Luxurious Velvet Paper