Fine Art Album
The all new premium, professional album created using archival materials featuring fine art printed pages are coming now.
With museum grade art paper and printing, your clients can keep their best memories for 100 years.
Our art paper comes from German state of Saxony, passed the museum collection level ISO9706 testing standards,
and passed the International Forest Stewardship Council FSC certification.
• 4 Covers: Linen Cover, Leatherette Cover, Genuine
Leather Cover, Hard Cover
• 8 Sizes: 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 8x11, 11x8, 11x14,
• 50 Colors: new colors in Genuine Leather,
Leatherette, Linen
• 3 Fine Art Papers: Art Print, Canvas Print,
Ivory Print
• 2 Page Thickness: Standard, Thick
• 7 Foil & Debossing: Gold, Matte Gold, Rose Gold,
Copper, Silver, White, Clear
• 3 Gilding: Black, Silver, Gold
* Not all cover support all options, see specific
options in our online design tool.
Linen Cover
Our highly currated woven Linen combine an irresistible softness with
understated elegance. Available in 20 colors.
Leatherette Cover
An alternate option to genuine leather, the Leatherette Cover offers
an authentic tactile leather like touch. Available in 18 colors.
Genuine Leather
Our 100% natural Genuine Leather comes in variety of buttery smooth or
classic distressed textures. Available in 12 colors.
Hard Cover
Well-bound, sturdy, and rigid cover with a sheen, textured surface.
8 Sizes
Page Thickness
Strong Substrate
Our standard pages are 1.1mm and consists of 0.5mm
paper and 0.6mm substrate core. Our 1.1mm
pages max out at 70 pages (35 sheets).
Flysheet and Substrate
Available in Black or White.
Choose to match your album's flysheet with the substrate,or make it different and select one each.
Strong and Beautiful Binding
Library Binding
Albums are bound with a book-band,
making them of similar appearance to
hard-cover library books.
Foil & Deboss
Matte Gold
Rose Gold
We offer foil with debossing in 19 fonts
and 6 colors: Gold, Matte Gold, Rose Gold,
Copper, Silver, White. We also offer what
is called "Clear" or "Blind" debossing,
which uses no foil.

Genuine Leather and Leatherette
use foil and debossing. Linen
does foil without debossing.

We also allow custom foil and
debossing for designs and logos.
Gilding Options
Black, Silver, Gold
Beautiful Presentations
Hand Made Boxes
Perfect for Gifts, Presenting and Preserving.
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