The Truth About
Old Labs Vs New Labs
Starting The Revolution
Zno started in 2012 with a few friends living in the San Francisco Bay Area
who shared a like minded passion for photography and design.
We were doing business with a few professional labs
at that time and we were comepletely fed up with them.
We emailed them with our frustrations, but no one took us
seriously. In the end we realized that we were on our own to
start a revolution in the industry.
Rejecting The Old Labs
The truth is old labs have old problems. No one wants to fix them.
Old labs may print well - but everything else is obsolete.
Their technology is obsolete. Over 90% of the top 50 US labs
rely on 20 year old white label ROES solutions for album design.
ROES is painful to install, frustrating to use, always out of date.
Almost no lab builds their own design software from scratch.
Their services are obsolete. Today's photographer needs half
a dozen digital tools. These range from online stores to proofing.
Yet old labs still only focus on printing. They neglect digital needs.
No lab has ever created a total end-to-end digital work flow.
Their pricing is obsolete. That's a dirty secret of the old lab world.
Prices should have come down a very long time ago.
But in many places there's a domestic monopoly.
Becoming The New Lab
Challenging old labs means doing things smarter, better, fairer.
We've challenged ROES with Zno Designer.
Our 100% in-house built, browser based ordering system.
Straight out of the bleeding edge of Silicon Valley.
We've challenged the focus on "just printing" by
envisioning the world's first total end-to-end digital work flow.
We've challenged the obsolete price model.
We're a global company operating across 35 countries.
We will always fight for the fairest possible price.
Photographer Power Unleashed
We believe many elite photographers are like us.
They need a better and more powerful ecosystem
in order to bring their vision to the world.
We are on this journey with them.
Our mission is to accelerate an industry transition
that liberates photographers worldwide
to unleash their full power in creativity.