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Flush Mount Album Samples
These are 8x8 Flush Mount Albums pre-filled with 16 pages of beautiful photos printed on Lustre photo paper with Thick page thickness. Order them if you need a quick sense of the quality of our Flush Mount Albums. They are also brand free and very low cost, so you can use them as sample albums for your studio.
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50% Off Custom Studio Samples
Make your own Flush Mount Albums, Fine Art Album, Wedding Albums, Belmont Album Set, Degarmo Album Set, Linville Album Set, Baby Elephant Album Set, Little Piggy Album Set, Cat Paw Album Set or Envelope Album Set with any type of cover, size, and options to show your best work to clients.
Enter "STUDIOSAMPLE" at checkout to get 50% off the album price. Your album will have "Studio Sample Not for Resale" printed on the back cover. See example >
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This discount does NOT apply to Layflat Books, Parent Books or Press Photo Books.
Sample Swatch Album
Exclusive to our Pro Plan members, we offer a free Sample Swatch Album. This contains samples of all our covers, paper types and page substrate materials, so when you place an order you know exactly what you are getting. You can claim one free sample album as part of your Pro Plan membership. Additional albums may be ordered at a cost of each.
Cover Material Swatch Ring

Genuine Leather Classic Set

Genuine Leather New Set

Leatherette Classic Set

Leatherette New Set

Linen Classic Set

Linen New Set


* Actual product may vary from the photo to reflect the options that are currently available.
Frame & Canvas Samples






Metal 2.0

Framed Canvas

* Actual product may vary from the photo to reflect the options that are currently available.