Generic Catalog
Zno's Generic Catalog is a customizable online brand
free catalog of Zno products that professional
photographers can share with clients. "Zno" doesn't
appear anywhere and prices can be fully adjusted.
The catalog is free to all Zno users.
How Does Generic Catalog Work?
My Generic Catalog
Customize Your Catalog
You can add as many or as few products as you want.
Set Price & Name
The price can be fully adjusted or left blank. The Zno product
name can also be changed to match your studio menu name.
Easy Sharing
Just copy and paste your
unbranded link to your client.
Let Clients Select
Clients can make exact selections. And you'll
receive a notification for each selection.
Track Selections
Track every selection with a precise
list of contact details and product info.
Easily Design From Selections
No need to recreate the project. You can start making
your client’s project right from your client’s selections.