Prints USB Set
Options & Price
• Box Size : 7x7, 8x8
• Box Covers : Blank, Photographic, Engraving
• USB Colors : Gold, Silver
• USB Storage : 32GB, 64GB
• Print Size : 4x6, 5x7
• Print Quantity : (30/60/120)
• Print Paper : Matte
The Best of Both Worlds
A premium USB plus good old fashion prints.
All combined in a solid wood box with delicate interior
packaging for a graceful presentation.
Standard Photo Prints Sizes
8x8 box includes 5x7 prints. 7x7 box includes 4x6 prints.
Prints come in set quantities of 30/60/120.
Custom USB
Available in gold or silver and 32GB or 64GB.
Custom Lids
Embellish with photos, engravings or keep it natural.