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Parent Book
The Perfect Companion
A "parent book" is a miniature wedding book traditionally given to parents of the bride and groom. A parent book is identical in almost every way to larger wedding book. The same cover*, paper, page length and shape (landscape, portrait, square) will be used.

To add a parent book, click "add parent book" during checkout or go to "my projects" and click "order parent book". No selection process is required. The correct cover, paper, page length and shape will be automatically be matched for you.

Some restrictions apply, for full details please read our support article.
If my original book is..
My parent book will be..
* All parent books use standard pages.
* Painted text, cameo windows and gilding are not done on parent books.
* If the original book has a crystal cover, the parent book will have a leather cover.
* If the original book has an acrylic cover, wood cover, metal cover or photo cover,
  the parent book will have a cover same as its back cover.