Mounted Prints
Also known as Standout Prints, for a contemporary,
simple yet stylish look that will literally “stand out”.
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Fine Edging
Precision-cut edges with
finely textured edging.
Perfect For Home
Or Office
A vibrant contemporary alternative
to traditional framed pictures has
never been easier.
Ready To Hang
Comes with a high-end stainless
steel mount as well as corner
spacers to ensure
flush-to-the-wall hanging.
No frame necessary.
Choose Your
Print Surface
Lustre - A textured semi-gloss
surface for bright, vibrant colors.
Metallic - For lifelike depth and a
metal-like sheen.
Art Paper - For faithful and detailed
reproduction of artworks and artistic
Innovative Display
Your images are mounted on a sturdy
but lightweight three quarter inch thick foam block.
Unique and eye-catching.
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