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Matte Velvet Print
Luxurious Velvet Paper
Subtle Beauty
Some photos are perfect as is. You don't need to enhance them with a flashy surface.
You don't need to imprint extravagant textures on them.
For these times you need something beautifully understated.
Something that says luxury without shouting it. Something that lets
the photo speak for itself. This is where the subtle softer colors of Matte Velvet
paper come through. You haven't seen luxury until you've seen the
next generation of truly refined matte paper.
Softest Touch
It looks soft and feels even softer.
What if paper felt just as enjoyable to hold as to look at? Well Matte
Velvet paper delivers just that by offering a unique velvety surface
that you'll find irresistable to run your hand over.
The feeling of luxury is delivered right to your fingertips.
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