Material Wrapped USB Drive

Material Wrapped USB Drives by Zno, use the
same extensive range of linens and leatherettes
from Zno’s albums and books. They are 3.0 USB
drives and available in 32GB or 64GB. They can
have customizable laser engraving on both sides.
Case not included.
Material:Linen, Modern Leatherette
Material Colors:50
Laser Engraving On Both Sides
Storage:32GB, 64GB
How To Order:Zno Designer™ - Zno’s cloud based designer on
Standard Shipping: 8-12 business days, Priority Shipping: 5-7 business days
What Is Included
Material Wrapped USB Drive
two custom usb drives in different linen colors
Matching Material
You can now get a USB that perfectly matches your album or book’s cover
by having the exact same material.
custom usb drive in grey linen with engraving and linen photo album
Laser Engraving
Text or logos can be printed on both sides. Or go with a blank USB for a minimalist natural look.
two custom usb drives in white leatherette with engraving
Storage & Speed
The Material Wrapped USB Drive is 3.0 speed and available in 32GB or 64GB storage.
custom usb drive in black leatherette
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