Maker Plan

A savings plan for all Zno makers:

Pay $20 every 3 months, get $30

store credit. Save $10 each time!

(A 6 month minimum commitment required.)

Get the Maker Plan Members-Only

prices for many Zno products.

Store Credit can be applied on any

product. No exclusions!

A little planning can save you A LOT of money!

Do you know how many Little Black Books an average

Zno user makes a year? 6 books and growing!

Zno users are "serial" makers making books,

gifts, prints, frames, cards, calendars and gadgets

throughout the year.

Lock in the savings now, because for some

occasions you just can't wait for a sale.

A Rare Deal

Zno has sales and promos but they rarely exceed 30%,

and the best deals are often limited to a specific product or category.

With the Maker Plan credits, you are automatically in

on a rare deal for all products and throughout the year.

Double Savings

Yes you heard us right!

You can apply the Maker Plan credit with regular sales and

promos for many beautiful products to double the savings!

So makers, plan ahead. The future is already there.

Members-Only Prices
Many of the Zno’s best products have
members-only prices for Maker Plan members.