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Little Prints Stand
A modern frameless stand
to show ALL your photos.
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12 Photos vs 1 Photo
This little stand holds 6 lustre cards with
12 photos printed on both sides.
Instead of 1 photo per frame, you can
rotate and add new photos!
Lustre Print
Not the usual prints.
We print your photo on pro-grade
photographic paper then mount
it on a thick substrate.
Experience the texture and
the lustre of pro photo printing.
Sturdy Wood Base
A single solid block of beech wood with a sanded
surface and machined curves included in the price. 
Crystal Base
Ultra-clear spotless glass base made from mold casting.
Modern. Minimalist. Pristine.
Thick & Rounded
Extremely strong. Extremely cute. 
A minimalist sculpture,
floating in the air
Holding memories
in your hand
Just grab them and flip through,
remember, relive, reignite ... 
Go bigger!
For bigger tables, e.g. coffee tables, office desks,
fireplace mantels, get a bigger size for only $5 extra.
Make Little Prints Stand >
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