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Little Moments
A beautiful photo calendar with six
double-sided photo cards plus a solid
wood base for just $25.
Make Little Moments Calendar >
Modern Design
Strong, minimalist and floating
in the ultra modern style.
Thick Rounded Photo Cards
Six lustre photo cards with 12
of your photos printed on both sides.
Sturdy Wood Base
A single solid block of beech wood
with a sanded surface and machined curves.
Crystal Base
Ultra-clear spotless glass base made from mold casting.
Modern. Minimalist. Pristine.
More Than
a Calendar
A statue. A story teller. A sideshow.
A walk down memory lane ...
$25 for 7x5",
$30 for 8x6"
Upgrade to 8x6"
Only $5 More!
Make Little Moments Calendar >
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