Layflat Booklet
The Layflat Booklet is a simplified version of our popular
Layflat Photo Book. This version includes the same classic
layflat binding and real Lustre photo paper of our Layflat Photo
Book but is limited to select options to offer incredible multi
-volume pricing. This low price form-factor allows for making
extremely high-end Studio Magazines, Studio Guides or for
making volume Quinceañera, Mitzvah, Senior, Wedding and
Newborn projects for extended family and friends of clients.
Cover:Paper Cover
Sizes:6x6, 8x8, 6x8, 8x11, 8x6, 11x8
Papers: Lustre
Pages:8, 12, 16, 20
Page Thickness:0.8mm
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What Is Included
5 Layflat Booklets (Minimum Order)
Low Cost Copies
Minimum orders start at 5 copies, which results in an incredible saving.
For Studio Advertising
If you want to make a strong first impression on potential clients then nothing beats a true layflat book with real photo paper. If
you want to differentiate and elevate your brand, then this is a definite step up from typical press printed magazines. Many
photographers love leaving their Layflat Booklets in high-end salons, bridal shops and boutiques.
For Studio Guides
The “day of” is always an event you want to run smooth. Many photographers find that printing a luxury “how to” guide on a high-end printed layflat book
does wonders for making a shoot run well. Additionally it distinguishes your studio as a professional brand.
For Extended
Family And Friends
For those clients with many extended family members and friends, this volume priced Layflat Booklet is a cost-effective solution for printing many copies.
Paper Cover
The Paper Cover includes a real photo paper cover with a rigid backing that wraps around the front, spine and back.
It is trimmed flush to the edge of the cover. Optional text can be added to the spine.
8pg / 12pg / 16pg / 20pg Page Options
The Layflat Booklet offers set page counts in 8 pages, 12 pages, 16 pages and 20 pages to enable volume pricing.
Zno’s Lustre Photo Paper is a 163# (242gsm), Silver Halide based Photographic Paper with a mid sheen, semi textured Lustre coating. It offers the most true-to-life skin tones. More paper info here.
Page Thickness
Layflat Booklet pages are 0.8mm and consist of 0.5mm paper and 0.3mm substrate core.
6 Sizes
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