Flush Mount Print
These are printed on the same silver halide photo paper as
our standard prints, but mounted on the rigid substrate core
material used in Zno’s high-end Flush Mount Albums. They
are in effect like a single page from a Flush Mount Album.
Rigid, Durable And
Environmentally Friendly
Unlike standard prints, flush mount prints are backed by a
1.0mm thick, rigid substrate core, making for a smooth, flat
viewing surface, solid weighty feel and unmatched durability.
The core is made of a modern material called PS, which is
much more environmentally friendly than the PVC cores used
by most other companies.
Precision Cut Edges
Laser cut edges and attractive rounded corners
ensure prints really stand out from the background.
Square Prints
As well as the usual rectangular
shape, you can choose cute,
instagram-friendly square prints.
Picture Wall
Because of their extra depth, flush
mount prints look great as part of a
picture wall. Easily and cheaply
personalize any wall by affixing prints
on a particular theme with
double-sided tape or similar for an
eye-catching talking point..
Gift Box Idea
Why not store your prints in one of
our simple and elegant custom gift
boxes? Great for protecting your
prints and of course ideal for gifts.