Studio Samples
We offer a range of low-cost unbranded samples. These
are great for personal reference and In-Person Sales to let
clients directly feel the quality of materials. These include
select Pre-Made Samples, Pro Plan exclusive discounts for
select Custom Samples, material swatches and printing tests.
Free Pre-Made Samples:Flush Mount Album
Wall Art Samples:Frame Corner Cut
Print Tests:Paper Print Test
Free Pre-Made Samples
Pre-Made Samples are free (except for shipping). Therefore they’re a more affordable option than Custom Samples. They are ideal for professional photographers who want to quickly sample the quality of Zno’s products without committing too much time or money. Since they are pre-made, they require zero design and can be added directly to your cart. Pre-Made Samples are brand free and features tasteful stock photos in a variety of themes such as Weddings, Baby, Boudoir, etc. If you would prefer a custom sample with your own images then see Custom Samples.
Pre-Made Sample
Flush Mount Album
Regular Price
This is a free 18 page Flush Mount Album with the
following papers: Lustre, Matte Velvet, Metallic,
Glossy, Silk, Art, Ivory, Canvas and Pearlescent Print
with Thick (1.5mm) page thickness.
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Custom Samples
Custom Samples are a higher cost option than Pre-Made Samples, but are still considerably less than full priced products. They are ideal for professional photographers
who want to show their own photos with their own product option preferences. Custom Samples are strictly for Pro Plan members. Additionally "Studio Sample - Not for
Resale" will be marked on the product. You can use the relevant code at checkout and a discount will be applied. These discounts are available year-round and there are
no limits on the number of Custom Samples you can order. If you would prefer a lower cost sample then see Pre-Made Samples.
Custom Sample
Fine Art Album
Pro Plan Discount
This Pro Plan exclusive discount applies to Fine Art
Albums. Your order will be marked with “Studio
Sample - Not for Resale” on the back cover. There is
no limit on the number of Custom Samples you can
order. This discount will NOT be honored
retroactively once the order is submitted. Therefore
you must apply the coupon code at checkout.
Album & Book Swatches
Album & Book Swatches are a low cost option for having samples of Zno’s entire Album and Book lineup. These products include cover materials, papers, page
thicknesses and embellishments. Swatches can be purchased in individual rings or in an all-inclusive box.
Material Swatch Ring
Regular Price
These are individual swatch material rings. Each
material swatch is labeled with the corresponding
material color.
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Paper Swatch Ring
Regular Price
This is an individual swatch paper ring. Each paper
swatch is labeled with the corresponding paper and
thickness. Paper swatches have a back and front
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Wall Art Samples
Wall Art Samples are a low cost option for having a wide variety of samples for Zno’s Wall Art lineup.
Frame Corner Cut
Regular Price
Frame Corner Cuts are real-size cuts of an actual
frame’s “corner”. They accurately show the depth,
width and bevel dimensions of all Zno’s Wall Art and
applicable Table Top products.
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