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The Artisan's Canvas Prints
Turn your images into painting-like classical works of art.
Canvas prints are hand crafted with quality material.
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Thick Poly-Cotton Canvas
Material is gallery-grade poly cotton-canvas
stretched snugly over a solid wood backing
frame. Finished canvas prints are assembled
by trained craftsmen.
Massive 24X36 Canvas Prints
Only $80
A surefire conversation starter for any room.
Real Solid
Wood Frame
The frames of our canvas prints
are light but very strong
1.25 inch thick wood.
Texture, Color, Protective Coating
Vibrant colors printed with pro lab Giclee
technology on a textured surface, laminated
to resist moisture and fading.
Canvas Prints Are Hand Stretched
No Sloppiness Allowed
Canvas Prints Are
So Easy To Create
Upload photo and you’re done!
Strong Back
Canvas prints come ready to hang with stainless steel
mount included. Solid and tight - nothing moves. Spacers
on the bottom of the frame ensure your canvas print will
hang evenly on the wall.
Compare Our Competitor' Product
Typical canvas prints are made for speed. The front might
look OK, but look at the back:

- Wrapping only goes half way around the frame.
- Random & excessive stapling.
- Bar codes on the canvas edge should be cut off.
- Ugly, carelessly folded corners.
- Loose ends everywhere.
Vs. Zno's
Zno’s canvases are hand folded by trained craftsmen in the
correct traditional way.

- Wrapping goes around the full edge of the frame.
- Staples are placed exactly where they are needed.
- The canvas is clean cut with no extraneous items.
- All corners are carefully glued and squared away.
- Everything is in its place with no loose ends or unevenness.

For the same money, the choice is obvious.
Make Canvas Prints >
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