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Boudoir Photography Ideas: The best print products for boudoir photographer

Boudoir Photography Ideas: The best print products for boudoir photographer

Capturing intimate and sensual images, boudoir photography has become increasingly popular in recent years. Boudoir photography is more than just taking photos of people wearing lingerie. It’s about capturing the beauty, sensuality, and confidence of the subject. 

The right print product can help your client celebrate the human body and all its curves, imperfections, and uniqueness. It will remind people to embrace and celebrate their bodies, regardless of societal beauty standards. In this article, we’ll introduce the perfect print products for boudoir photography and why they are a must-try for any photographer looking to showcase beauty and sensuality。

 When we photograph a body, we photograph the soul behind it.

Fine Art Albums

At Zno, we call  photo albums using fine art paper “Fine Art Albums.” The Giclée or ink-jet process emphasizes natural looking colors, smooths skin tones, accentuates the details in shadows and adds a “painterly” or “fine art” look to their photographs. These albums portray the texture of the skin and the artistry of the photograph beautifully – which makes them ideal for boudoir photography.

Albums and books are popular print products for boudoir clients because they appeal to a sense of privacy. With a boudoir album, clients can embrace the beauty of their nude or semi-nude artistic images without publicly displaying them.

Fine art albums are also popular for the tactile sensation of holding an album. Viewing images is one thing, but holding an album in your hand, opening it and taking a peek inside, it creates a new experience. Having an album cover styled to match the subject adds to the sensory dimension. The first glimpse and feeling emotionally charged from the cover texture of Zno’s red or black Crocodile leatherette amplifies the sheer enjoyment of flipping the pages.

The best print products for boudoir photographer-Crocodile Leatherette Album

Pearlescent Prints

Zno’s Pearlescent Prints are produced on fine art paper that features a low sheen, with a matte, grainy texture coating. The paper glitters like crushed diamonds while also being scratch-proof. Its shining texture enhances the subject’s features while creating a romantic atmosphere. In addition to embodying the thrill of luxury, our pearlescent prints will help your photos embody a sensual and intimate feel.

Prints are often a popular choice if your boudoir package is designed around a small number of images. You can encourage your clients to buy prints showcasing their beauty.

Clients also often prefer prints because they can be easily given as gifts to their partners. Physical prints give people the chance to see their partner in a new and intimate way. However, prints are not the only option for clients looking to display their boudoir images.

Zno's Pearlescent Prints are produced on fine art paper that features a low sheen, with a matte, grainy texture coating.

Acrylic Presentation Box

A presentation or “storage” box is a wise investment for clients who have ordered an album. An eye-catching box lid can make a fantastic first impression when clients receive their post-session products.

Receiving an acrylic presentation box can be a powerful and liberating experience after a boudoir photoshoot. This product allows photographers to showcase the session’s most amazing image on a box lid that is covered by a precisely cut acrylic piece. The beveled cut on the acrylic offers a three-dimensional effect to your images that embodies the modern theme of boudoir –  embrace and celebrate your bodies.

What’s more, it’s easy to offer a matching acrylic cover album to create a professional album set to provide a complete set of luxurious memorabilia.

The best print products for boudoir photographer-Acrylic Presentation Box

Suede & Velvet Material

Due to its unique tactile sensation when being caressed, suede and velvet materials are ideal for intimate boudoir print products. These wonderful materials are a natural fit for boudoir photography since they can remind your clients the sensual nature of boudoir with pillows, pajamas and bed. The use of this album cover material can elevate boudoir print products easily.

Zno has selected new suedes & velvets that tap into contemporary trends and have a proven track record of sales. These beautiful materials increase the high probability of easily closing sales with your own clients. The colors exude luxury and elegance; they practically sell themselves.

The best print products for boudoir photographer-Suede & Velvet Albums


Boudoir photography is a magical experience that brings confidence to people. The spirit of body-positivity from boudoir images is a beautiful and empowering form of photography that celebrates the human body and all its uniqueness.

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