Acrylic Stand
The Acrylic Stand consists of a minimalist two-piece
acrylic table top design. The acrylic image can optionally
be printed with White Base and borders can also be added.
Sizes:5x7, 6x8
Border Options:No Border, 0.75"
Image Options:White Base, Transparent
Acrylic Image Thickness:6mm
Acrylic Base
Landscape Or Portrait Orientation
Table Top Design
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What Is Included
Acrylic Image
Acrylic Base
The acrylic image is .25” (6mm) thick and has polished rounded corners.
Table Top Design
The image fits snug inside a matching acrylic base.
Landscape Or Portrait Orientation
The acrylic image can be oriented in landscape or portrait.
Image Options
The acrylic image can be printed with White Base to offer an opaque design
or without to offer transparency that will shine through on lighter areas.
Border Options
Transparent borders that are .75" (1.9cm) wide can be optionally added.
2 Sizes
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