Acrylic Plaque
This minimalist table top plaque uses a thick acrylic plexiglass that is face-mounted on top of real photo paper. The seamless plexiglass layering offers sleek and modern décor for any room.
Sizes:5x7, 6x8
UV Protected
6mm Thick Acrylic
Landscape Or Portrait Orientation
Table Top Design
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What Is Included
Acrylic Plaque
Photographic Print
Fully Assembled
UV Protected
An acrylic plexiglass is face-mounted on top of photos to
offer maximum UV protection.
Thick Acrylic
The face-mounted acrylic plexiglass top is 6mm thick, which offers
a striking profile from any angle.
Landscape Or Portrait Orientation
The plaque can be oriented in landscape or portrait.
Table Top Design
A single polished stand is attached to the solid flush backing to
allow the plaque to stand on it’s own on any table.
2 Sizes.
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