Zno Proofer™
Zno Proofer™ is natively built into Zno Designer™
from the ground up. So you never need to jump back
and fourth between a desktop designer and online
proofer again. Work in the cloud and stay in the cloud.
Robust Email System
Send approval requests to your client’s email right from Zno Proofer™. No need to use your own email.
A 100% Unbranded URL is used, "Zno" doesn't appear anywhere.
Beautiful Cover Renders
First impressions are important. And nothing makes or breaks an album more
than a great story with an ugly looking cover. Unlike third-party proofers, Zno Proofer™
beautifully renders your albums with real high resolution textures and details.
Precision Revision
Get clear feedback from your clients with comment
markers and time stamps that natively sync to Zno Designer™,
allowing you to easily revise and check off all requests.
Use Zno Proofer™ With
Third Party Lab Albums
Zno Proofer™ is included in the Zno Designer™ Premium Plan and above. With the Zno Designer™
Premium Plan you can proof Zno albums and with the Power Plan you can proof
  albums from any third party lab.
Not All Tools
Are Created Equal
Get Started with Zno Software Support
Visit Zno Software Support for an introduction to the app and find answers to some
commonly asked questions. Watch the short tutorial videos to learn how to use the
software and help you quickly get started.