Zno Estore™

Online Store
Zno Estore™ is Zno's cloud-based online store for
professional photographers to sell photo print
products online. Zno Estore™ is natively built into
Zno Gallery™. With Zno Estore™ you can sell print
products with client gallery photos through
automatic fulfillment and directly collect payments.

Customized Storefront
Widest Product Range

Don’t just sell prints and wall arts. Go beyond with Zno Estore™ where you can sell Flush Mount Albums, Fine Art Albums,
Layflat Photo Books and more! Plus you can display your client’s photos directly on your store’s products.
0% Commission
Even On Free Plans
Even our Free Plan is zero commission,
unlike competitors who charge 15%.
Set your own margins and keep the profits.
We don’t take a penny out of your sales.
And we don’t charge hidden fees at any
plan level, even on the free plan.

Automatic Fulfillment

Never Miss Any
Zno Sales And Benefits
Any products that your clients order from
Zno Lab™ through your store automatically
enjoy the same discounts that you get
when you normally order from Zno. This
includes Zno Lab’s sales page offers, email
offers and social media offers. This also
includes Zno Designer™ credits and 25% off
from Zno Gallery™ Paid Plans.

Self Fulfillment
With Pre-Designed Exports

We are continually adding product listings from leading third party labs. We want to provide you the tools
to fulfill your print products wherever you want even if that’s with another lab. With Zno Estore™ self-fulfillment
you can collect payments on self-fulfilled orders for third party labs. Best of all you can export
those finished designs for easy uploading to third party labs.

Easily Sell Albums & Books

Zno Estore™ allows you to sell albums and books from Zno through automatic fulfillment. You can also sell
albums and books from third party labs through self-fulfillment. For both automatic and self fulfillment we
provide a super simple and easy-to-use client-facing album designer. With this client-facing album designer
you can sit back and put your clients in the driver's seat to let them design albums and books entirely by
themselves. For self-fulfillment you can export fully finished spreads and then upload them to third party labs.

Full Control Over Every Payment

We have partnered with Paypal to provide easy and safe payment transactions. The payments that you
receive from your client orders in Zno Estore™ will immediately go into your PayPal Business account.
We do not have access to view or refund these payments.
Not All Tools
Are Created Equal

Get Started with Zno Software Support

Visit Zno Software Support for an introduction to the app and find answers to some
commonly asked questions. Watch the short tutorial videos to learn how to use the
software and help you quickly get started.