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Artisan State Changed Name to Zno
Our company, formerly known as Artisan State, changed its name to Zno (pronounced Zee-No) in March 2016.
No worries, we are still the same company! The only difference is that we are doing a whole lot more things in a whole lot more places.
When we started in 2012, we made photo books. Today we make photo books, canvases, frames, prints, cards, calendars, photo gifts... Next we'll be making beautiful things for businesses - e.g. business cards, stationery, brochures, flyers, posters, signs, labels... In 2012 we were only in the United States. Today we are global and our customers are from 127 countries. A lot of these countries are not English speaking countries.
Artisan State was our root name. As we grew, we realized we needed a name that was more futuristic and boundary-free. We are really excited about Zno, but we also understand that no name is perfect. At the end of the day a name is just a name, and what matters is the people and the product.
Again, this is just a name change. You don't need to do anything! All your photos and past projects are still there, and everything should work just like before, except under a new name.
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