Little Round Block
Cutest Art Blocks for Any Wall
$25 for each 8x10" block
Make Little Round Block >
Modern, Simple,
Beautiful photo paper flush mounted
on a singular solid block.
One-piece rock solid,
hangs perfectly on a
single push pin.
Vibrant Life-like
Pro-lab photo printing on pro-grade
silver halide photo paper protected
by a subtle surface coating.
0.75" Thick Mounted Board,
with Nice Rounded Corners
No nail, no hammer!
Just push, hang, repeat.
Perfectly Round Options
Easiest photo wall ever!
You will finally enjoy building your photo wall.
$25 for 8x10",
$35 for 11x14"
Upgrade to 11x14"
(twice the size of 8x10") for only $10!
Build your own wall
of modern art
Are you an artist? Create your own
doodles, curate your own collections,
construct your own exhibition.
Make Little Round Block >
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