Every flush mount book uses a substrate between photo pages. The industry standard substrate uses a material called PVC, vs Zno uses a whole new substrate that is 100% environment friendly.
PVC is strong, rigid, and has good mounting characteristics. However it uses vinyl which releases plasticizers over time, not good for the environment.
We have always been on the lookout for better materials. We routinely source, experiment, and adopt the latest green substrate materials.
Green To The Core
The most important part of a flush mount book is it's core. Scratch beneath the
surface and you'll see what we're talking about. Every one of our books
uses premium grade environmentally friendly substrate cores.
Extra Rigid PS Substrate
Our flush mount albums use the latest substrate material known as PS. PS is revolutionary in that it has the same extra rigidity and mounting characteristics as PVC but it is completely bio-degradable and environment friendly.
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