Degarmo Album Set
A perfectly matched collection, consisting of a uniquely fitted box,
custom made to house a duet of albums.
Options & Price
• Album Sizes: 12x12 + 10x10, 14x14 + 12x12
• Set Cover: Plush Linen
• Paper: Lustre, Matte Velvet, Art, Ivory
• Set Color: Black, Butter Milk, Concrete Grey, Steel Blue, Midnight Blue, Petal Pink
• Page Thickness: Standard
• Page Count: 20 pages to 30 pages
• Foil & Debossing: Gold, Matte Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Silver, White
Double The Experience
Why settle for one when you can have two? The perfect opportunity to create a cohesive engagement and wedding package all in one.
Or expand a single Wedding Album into an unmatched multi volume collection with even more memories.
Perfect Fit
No wiggle or loose space here. Designed from scratch to house everything exactly flush.
The experience of opening the box is akin to a ritual. As you dive deeper in removing
the contents, that special day rushes back to you with all it’s glory.
Contemporary & Solid
A superior double wall design provides impeccable protection. While the independent lid exudes an air of elegance,
it hints at the matching lush suede interior, inviting you to open it.
Harmonious Simplicity
Albums come in fixed sizes of 20 flush mount pages.
These precisely coordinated page counts ensure an effortless cohesive design.